About Us

Carers Matter has been established in South Australia for over 25 years. Initially set up to provide an annual weekend retreat for female carers that have a family member with a disability, giving carers a much-needed break from their essential roles. As time has gone by, our members now require so much more.

With all the changes that have occurred in the disability sector over the years, we have found that our carers need to be able to find information that is up to date, feel empowered in their caring role, have a social outlet to avoid isolation, take a break and recharge, but most importantly feel like someone is listening.

At Carers Matter we feel that all these things are important. We hold social and informational events and are continually revising our program to address these needs. With members from Port Lincoln to Mount Gambier, all carers are encouraged to join our program. For those that live in regional areas, our technical team has introduced our program to digital media so that all carers can feel included.

The team that run Carers Matter are also carers, so we understand the challenges that our members face. New carers are always welcome, and we encourage anyone that cares for a family member with a disability or chronic illness to contact us to see how our program can best suit their needs.