Our Team

Tracy – Chairperson

Hi everyone! I have been involved with this organisation since 2011, originally as a stressed-out mum that needed a break. I could not believe my ears when a friend told me about the weekend retreat, so I signed up for that year straight away. A couple of us decided that we would all go together, which made us feel we would at least know someone else there.

I had such a great time meeting new people, eating, singing and dancing, eating, went on a winery tour, eating… my goodness I think I ate my body weight in food. It was just so nice to have hot meals, laugh with friends, and not be on a time schedule! A couple of years later I joined the committee and have enjoyed working behind the scenes organising events for our members.

So, about me. I am married to Ian, and am a mum to 3 teenage boys, all diagnosed with ASD and various other things. My job is my kids. I currently home school the 2 younger boys and have been doing this for numerous years. I am a soccer mum, with both the younger boys playing for Federation soccer clubs. This means on average 5 days of soccer. Taxi driver is also one of my part time jobs running them not only to sport, but also therapy, which I am sure most of you can identify with.

In my spare 30 minutes a day, I like to spend time with my hubby, read, catch up with friends, decorate cakes, cuddle my fur babies, and do puzzle games to keep my brain under control.

As carers we do so many things for those we care for that we tend to forget about ourselves. That is why it is so important to me to make sure this organisation gives others the same opportunity that I was given in a time of need. I love to see the joy and laughter, and hear stories from our members, whether they be triumphs or struggles. Knowing that someone is there to listen, even for 5 minutes, and know that they truly understand, makes a world a difference.

Ian – Secretary

Hi, my name is Ian.

I am married and a father of three boys on the spectrum. I have joined Carers Matter as the director of the Men’s program and Secretary for the organisation.

Working in South Australia in various roles including management, sales, running a company and the transport industry has given me a wealth of knowledge over multiple fields. I feel that this knowledge can be used effectively to continue the expansion of Carers Matter to lead the way for both male and female carers.

People that have met me, know me as a cheerful and very approachable person. This will work very well for Carers Matter to help us work in conjunction with other groups and business in the disability sector. While I have met some of the current members of Carers Matter, I look forward to chatting to you all and bringing more male carers into the mix to join our great program.

On a personal note, I enjoy fishing, camping, my boys’ soccer and being a part of the caring community. Dealing with people on a personal level has been a highlight of my working life and something that gives me the most satisfaction.